PRESS- Horticulture Week- New Appointments

Industry leading, Horticulture Week has picked up on the new appointments for The Fruitery.

“Kent soft fruit grower WB Chambers has explained why it has taken on a compliance and health & safety manager since expanding into prepared produce.”

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PRESS- Fruit Net ‘Chambers doubles strawberry sales’

Fruit Net has picked up on the story about Chambers achieving a 100 per cent increase on its 2018 strawberry crop!

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Chambers Cherry Chat

Tuesday 16th July is National Cherry Day!

DID YOU KNOW that just 10 cherries can make up one of your five a day? They are nutritious and help fight disease and other illnesses. Helping you to sleep, serving as a kind of pain-relieving aspirin and fighting against ageing, this is one super-cherry!

The Romans first brought cherries from Persia and introduced them here in Britain.  Some even say that ancient roads can be traced from the spots where marching Romans spat out their seeds and caused a new tree to grow!

Our main goal of National Cherry Day is to raise awareness about the need to maintain our traditional orchards!   If everyone eats one home-grown cherry each, the future of British cherries will be looking up in no time!


July 2019: Chambers celebrates its highest ever yield of British strawberries this year, achieving a 100% increase on the tonnage produced when compared to the 2018 crop.

The growth in tonnage is in response to blossoming partnerships with the multiples, which has seen Chambers increase its own crop of strawberries and draw upon the business’ extensive network of partner growers – courtesy of its membership of the Asplins Producer Organisation – to meet consumer demand. The relationship with Asplins (a fruit producing, packing and marketing co-operative) makes it possible for Chambers to supply its supermarket customers with the quintessential British favourite throughout the summer months.

The business has invested heavily in its operations, which includes introducing innovative growing methods and equipment. In addition, Chambers has secured new sites to propagate plant stock which is then sent to various partner sites both in the UK and overseas for growing and ultimately harvesting, enabling a year-round offering.

As well as growing strawberries, Chambers – the leading independent soft fruit experts – supplies a range of British berries including raspberries, cherries and blueberries.

James Miller, Commercial Director at Chambers, says: “Our long-standing partnership with the multiples has helped us to grow even more strawberries than ever before, and enhance our business further. It has provided us with the stability to open new sites, invest in new equipment and create more secure employment in Kent. We have even more exciting projects in the pipeline and look forward to continuing to work closely with our key accounts to bring these plans to fruition.”


PRESS- Fresh Talk Daily, ‘Sweet Success For Chambers’

Fresh Talk Daily have picked up on Chambers recent strawberry success.

“Chambers celebrates its highest ever yield of British strawberries this year, achieving a 100% increase on the tonnage produced when compared to the 2018 crop.”

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