The soft fruit experts

Providing our professional service 365 days a year

Fruit farming runs through the veins of the Chambers family. We have successfully grown fruit in Kent for generations.

Over the years, our business has grown to become the large independent UK grower of soft fruit it is today. We supply quality fruit directly from our farms to many retail customers operating in the UK and abroad. We partner with other growers in the UK and overseas in order to offer our customers a year-round supply of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. All of our partners are family or privately owned – no marketing desks, brokers or cooperatives. Our supply chain is run through our packing facility and haulage fleet to ensure best integrated service. This helps to ensure our fruit matches our customers quality expectations on delivery.

Introducing TeamBerry

We are pleased to introduce to you a newly formed grower group, comprising of some of the UK’s larger soft fruit farms located across the entire country.

The recent changes in UK supply dynamics brought us to the conclusion that a consolidated, scaleable and geographically well spread group of likeminded, aligned berry growers should start to work as a team, hence our decision to call this group “TeamBerry”.

We believe that this is the UK’s first truly customer centric grower group, working together to collaborate and provide a longer, more extensive availability across the UK season. This solution will enable you to buy all of your berries throughout the season, directly from a small group of primary producers.

We think this is the most efficient way to manage our businesses and the most effective way to deliver the large volumes and breadth of offer that are required by you.