The Chambers Story

Fruit farming runs through the veins of the Chambers family, who have successfully grown fruit in Kent for a number of generations. Kent’s mixture of chalk, sand and clay soils, together with a drier climate than the rest of the UK, combine to offer the optimum horticulture conditions -hence the ‘Garden of England’ reference which Kent has enjoyed for over 400 years.



Agricultural divisions across UK, Spain, Poland, Egypt, Portugal, Peru, Morocco with focus on fruit production. Horticultural propagation division sending plants around the world to connect with the growers we work with. Extending production outside of the domestic growing season.

Service Provision & Packing

Packing, service provision and supply chain management for the distribution of berries. BRC (AA+) graded, soil association organic accredited pack house in Kent, ideal geographical location for onward UK distribution.

UK Import & Export

Linking growers around the world, we manage all sales and logistics to provide a seamless 52-week supply of fresh berries to our customers. All suppliers are fully accredited including GLOBALG.A.P SEDEX & SMETA.

Growers working with Growers

Taking advantage of the fruit available directly from the farm on site and the rising trend in the UK for freshly prepared berries. Innovation plans for the next 5 - 10 years with significant investment across the divisions of the food group.