Growers working with growers

Chambers is a global business, in addition to our UK offering, we also grow overseas via a network of affiliated international partner farms, allowing us to provide year round seamless sales, storage and packing solutions.

Since 2013 our business model has evolved to dispense with the old, outdated route to market (supplying via 3rd party marketing desks) moving to direct and complete control of the ‘end-to-end’ supply chain; we sell our own fruit produce, we collaborate with and manage other growers’ sales, we import and export berries, we offer a full 52-week calendar solution, directly to retail supermarkets.

We are innovators in our sector, a genuine ‘hybrid’.

Import / Export

Chambers is an international business, growing fruit both in the UK and overseas via a growing network of like-minded international partner growers. In addition, we work with growers all over the globe providing seamless sales, storage and packing solutions.

Our import and export division is flexible, efficient and established.  Our existing menu of services with regard to packing and service provisions aligned with our perfect location offers an end-to-end solution.