Chambers enjoys mutually beneficial working relationships with specialist growers worldwide, who all share the business’ commitment to excellence.

In 2016 we incorporated WBC Imports (WBCI) to meet the demands of UK customers wanting to buy fruit 52 weeks directly from ourselves and our associated growers and started to export into Europe with a full product range.  All supply is fully Globalgap, Eurepgap or Assured Produce accredited and we manage all logistics, air freight, sea freight & road freight.

We now supply over 85% of our own fruit production and 100% of our imported fruit directly to our customers.

We collaborate directly with growers across the world, including berry farms from Mexico, Guatemala, South America, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy.

Export Sales

While the focus of the business remains the supply of quality soft fruit and cherries to the domestic market, when surplus product is available, Chambers also exports its superior produce to a number of countries in the Middle East, Scandinavia and Europe. Please contact the Sales Department for more information for international sales.

Supply chain managers

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